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Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach and is associated with so many symptoms that make it difficult for the patient to live comfortably. There are many risk factors for gastritis but many of those can be controlled like- alcohol, smoking, tobacco, painkillers, steroids, etc. Apart from the risk factors, diet also has an important role in controlling bouts of gastritis. Here are 10 tips to manage gastritis:



  • AVOID ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: Alcohol causes irritation and erosion of the stomach wall, causing gastritis. So alcohol consumption should be avoided as stopping alcohol intake will help control gastritis.

  • AVOID SMOKING:  Nicotine is known to cause inflammation of the stomach wall, thus smoking and chewing tobacco should be avoided. People generally associated smoking with lung damage only but it affects the stomach as well.

  • AVOID CARBONATED AND CAFFEINE DRINKS: Carbonated drinks like coca-cola, Pepsi, and drinks with caffeine should be avoided as they irritate the stomach wall and would cause a flare-up of gastritis symptoms in the patients.

  • AVOID SUGARY, PROCESSED, AND REFINED FOOD ITEMS: Sugary, processed, and refined food items like maida are known to cause inflammation and thus would promote gastritis symptoms in patients.

  • ADD GARLIC AND TURMERIC TO YOUR DIET: Garlic and turmeric are natural anti-inflammatory food items thus helping in reducing inflammation of the stomach lining. Thus adding these two natural anti-inflammatory superfoods can help alleviate the symptoms of gastritis.

  • DON’T EAT MUCH SPICY FOOD: Spices add flavor to the food but torture the stomach wall and cause inflammation. Avoid much spicy food and eat a bland diet.

  • ADD CURD TO YOUR DIET: Probiotics are known to help with taking care of stomach inflammation and thus should be added to the diet. Idli, paneer, kimchi, kefir, etc are also good probiotic options.

  • EAT LIGHTER AND FREQUENT MEALS: In the case of gastritis eating too much at once or skipping meals is a big no as it will make the symptoms of gastritis worse. So keep the food intake frequent but in small portions only.

  • STOP OVERUSE OF PAINKILLERS: Painkillers are known to irritate the stomach wall so if you are in the habit of popping painkillers frequently then stop doing it right away.


  • REDUCE AND MANAGE STRESS: Stress doesn’t cause gastritis directly but if you are suffering from gastritis then stress will make your symptoms worse. Reducing stress will help in controlling the flareups well. Meditate, do exercise, do yoga, stroll in nature, and do activities that make you happy to reduce stress.

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