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1. TIREDNESS: The thyroid gland controls energy balance thus tiredness is the most common sign to go for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). The person feels always unrested and wants to sleep all the time.


2. WEIGHT GAIN: Weight gain is also a very common sign for getting your thyroid levels checked. The metabolism slows down and the body doesn't burn calories. The body starts to conserve energy rather than spending it. All this results in weight gain.


3. INTOLERANCE TO COLD: The body produces heat when it burns calories. In cases of an underactive thyroid, the metabolism is very low thus the body stops consumption of calories thus heat production in the body is not there. All this makes the person cold sensitive.


4. BODY ACHES: In hypothyroidism, the body stops the consumption of calories and metabolism slows down. As a result of this catabolism starts in the body which means the body breaks down the muscles for energy. This breakdown of muscles causes weakness and aches.


5. HAIR FALL AND HAIR LOSS: Due to low thyroid hormones the lifespan of the hair follicles gets short and the follicles stop regenerating resulting in hair loss. Furthermore, the hair becomes coarse.


6. ROUGHNESS OF SKIN: Skin is also affected by low thyroid hormones. The turnover of the skin increases rapidly leading to early shedding but the skin takes longer to regrow as the growth signals are low because of low thyroid hormones. Because of all this, the outer lawyer becomes more dry and flaky resulting in itching and dryness.


7. FEELING DEPRESSED AND MOOD SWINGS: Feeling low and depressed is also seen commonly with hypothyroidism. 


8. LACK OF CONCENTRATION: Brain fag is a common symptom of hypothyroidism. Concentration is poor and the person also has difficulty memorizing things.


9. CONSTIPATION: Bowel movements are also impacted by low thyroid hormones. The person feels unsatisfactory bowel movements.


10. ISSUES WITH MENSTRUATION: Thyroid hormone interacts with other hormones in the body including the hormones that manage menstrual cycles. The periods can be heavy or irregular or any sort of abnormality can be seen.

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